Benefits of Having a Home Security System

75% of homeowners don't have a home security system. Are you one of them?

What can home security system do for you and your propety? This is startling information but according to  to SafeWise’s study a staggering 75% of homeowners don’t have a home security system.

A home security system is the combination of different electronic components working together to keep our home protected from intruders.


Some homeowners may have other ways of protecting their home like having dogs or
always making sure there’s someone on their property.

Our home is our sanctuary and a place where our family lives. Keeping this place secure not only protects our property but our loved ones as well.  Ideally, we want our home to be free from burglary or break-ins whether we’re in or out of the property.

Home security system makes a difference

On average, a burglary happens every 30 seconds and the average loss from a burglary is $2,661 (according to SafeWise)

Aside from property damage and important things lost or stolen by theses incidents, it also cause trauma that can stir different kinds of thoughts and emotions and significant impact on emotional health, and feeling sage in your own home.


Analysis of FBI and the US Department of Justice data finds that 66% of burglaries affect residential properties and 34% of the burglaries that happen each year affect small businesses. This data really shows how important for homeowners or every houses to have security cameras or a home security system.

One of the components of home security system is the security Cameras. It records footages of your home and property that can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet, or computer from anywhere using an internet connection.

It is a video camera that records people’s activities to detect and prevent crime.  There are different types of security cameras that you can choose from depending on what you need it for or if it’s for indoor/outdoor use and even what resolution you prefer.

Benefits of Having a Home Security System

  1. Deter intruders or burglars

    Having a security camera or security system discourage intruders or would be burglars from entering your house and steal valuable or important things you own. They will think twice about going inside your property knowing they will be recorded and will increase the chances of being identified and arrested. This is the most known benefit of having a security system in place.

    According to, homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be broken into and burglarized. Imagine how they might target your house or property regardless if there’s someone home or not, but seeing your home security systems set up they will most likely change their mind and choose another property or house instead.

    The Security camera or home security system lessens the possibility of experiencing being burglarized.

  2.       .  Peace of mind

    As we mentioned earlier, being a victim of residential burglary does not only cause damage and loss to our property but can also affect our emotional health and will result in feeling unsafe inside our own home.

    We can prevent this from happening or have peace of mind by having a security camera or home security system in place. Aside from recording, we have now a way to monitor our house or property even if we’re not physically there through our cellphone, tablet, or computer using the internet.  We have now the capability to check our property anytime we want and can also be alerted if intruders are trying to get inside our property.

  3. Can get better insurance rate

    When it comes to an insurance policy, you can have reduced home and property
    insurance costs if they see that your house or property is well secure. Having a security camera or home security system is one thing they look into during the evaluation of your policy.

    The less the risk, the less the insurance cost will be. If they see you take extra 
    steps to make your home more secure which can result in your house being less prone to damage or filing claims in the future, can result in paying less on
    home or property insurance.

  4.  Cost Effective

    We mentioned above, that the average loss from a burglary is $2661 which is a lot!
    Investing in a security camera or home security system, in the long run, is worth it. Once installed, this security system needs less maintenance.   


You now know how to make your home more secure and what are the benefits
of having a security camera or home security system. If you haven’t installed a
home security system yet, you’re probably wondering how or where to start.
There’s a lot of choices out there and it can get overwhelming as well.


We are here to help! ECS Technology Solutions recognizes how important
to protect not just your data or file but also to make sure your home and
business is more secure from intruders or burglars.


We are now offering security cameras as one of your business products
and like the other products and services we offered, we will make sure to
tailor-fit it based on your need and budget.


You can check the different Surveillance Security Systems we offer. We can give you a quote just simply contact us.

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