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The Productivity Package

Productive Environments

We help create productive environments for your employees to stay successful! Time is money and we want to keep you employees up and running!

Secure Your Business

We want to ensure that your information and your businesses critical data is protected so you can keep working and keep your information safe!

Technology for your Clients

Your customers are the most important to you! We want to ensure that we are finding new technologies to help you stay successful!


IT Support

We offer remote and on-site support for all of your IT needs. Our goal is to never miss a phone call so you are getting help when you need it!

Patch Management

Patch Management

We manage your updates so we know what will affect your day to day. Too much time is lost to downtime due to lack of management of your updates. Oh ya and a lot of them protect your from cyber threats!

Email Protection

Email Protection

Email is the number one source of malicious code. So ya, we are going to protect it. We make it a point to increase the security of your email and what happens with it when it comes to you!

Next Generation Firewall

Next Gen Firewall

We Provide and help manage the industry leader for SMB firewall protection. We provide the necessary tools to ensure that we are protecting against next generation cyber treats. All so you can spend time on what matters!

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)


A whole new level of protection. Utilizing EDR to provide machine learning and AI to catch malicious code that most databases don't recognize as bad. We want to catch viruses even if their not known!

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and DR

Let us protect your data! Losing data could be detrimental to businesses' productivity. We will ensure that your sensitive and valuable information is safe from disasters!



If your in need of new IT equipment you can to the right place! We are always happy to help you find the best technology hardware to get the job done!

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Small Business

Our productivity package is a perfect option for our small, yet ambitious, partners. We are priced perfectly for those small companies looking to grow. Our flexible tech infrastructure allows for quick scalability and transition when new employees or new space becomes a necessity. We are invested in the goals and bold initiatives of our partners.

We enhance all the basic monitoring of the Convenience package, plus include 12x5 support, server backup, EDR anti-virus and firewall. Perfect for providing security and employee productivity.

productivity package