Spend Time on What Matters

The Security Package

To protect your Legacy by securing the Data  that runs your Business


Information should only be seen by the people that are allowed to see it.


Measures must be taken to ensure your data integrity and to ensure it is not corrupt!


Information must be kept availavle to authorized personel when they need it.


Identify Threats

The best way to protect you from the threats to your data is to understand that there are threats


Protect Your Data

Once we have identified threats we are now able to help protect your data from known threats.


Detect Intrusions

Its not a matter of if, its a matter of when. We need to ensure that when something happens we know about it.


Respond to Breaches

We will have a plan in place to respond to breaches and intrusions when they happen so it wont interrupt your work day.


Recover from Incidence

If there were a breach we want to ensure that we have the appropriate plan to help you recover!

Compliance Needs?

Many of our security package clients have compliance needs that go above our enhanced security offerings. Financial institutions, healthcare, and manufacturing, for example, have very sensitive and proprietary data that needs extra security. We provide that peace of mind that digital security needs are being managed by capable and certified professionals.

Our advanced offerings include security trainings for employees, system assessments, disaster recovery and continuity and Custom VIP options for essential personnel.

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