IT Management and Security for Your Hybrid Workforce

Deploying, provisioning, securing, and maintaining the technology for a hybrid workforce can be daunting. That’s where we at ECS Technology Solutions can help! 

ECS Helping Hybrid Workforce teams get work done

Internal IT teams already stretched to the breaking point in caring for their company’s on-site IT environment now find themselves also supporting off-site devices and employees. In many cases, the hybrid workforce model pushes internal IT employees into areas of tech where they don’t have the training or bandwidth to succeed.

Long before work-from-anywhere became mainstream, our team at ECS Technology Solutions of IT management and security specialists have been helping companies like yours get the most out of their IT systems.

Helping Geo-Diverse & Hybrid Workforce Teams Get Work Done
Thousands of companies are now leveraging a hybrid workforce to help them to save costs, improve
employee work/life balance, and scale operations more quickly. Our team supports companies like yours
as you utilize a model that includes both off- and on-site workers to meet operational objectives and stay
competitive in an evolving marketplace.
• Transitioning to a hybrid workforce
• Securing your hybrid workflow

• Optimizing your IT for seamless hybrid workflow
• Gaining visibility into hybrid worker productivity

Hybrid workforce by the numbers
Pew Research says that “roughly six-in-ten U.S. workers who say their jobs can mainly be done from home
(59%) are working from home all or most of the time.”
Forbes reports that “by 2025, an estimated 70% of the workforce” will be working out of the office at least
five days a month.”

Here’s what you need to know regarding a Hybrid Workforce environment:

• Every device used by your employees―in-house or off-site―is a potential point of liability and must be secured

• If you can’t monitor the security and health of your employees’ devices, you can’t protect your data or your brand reputation

• Employees that aren’t trained in cybersecurity awareness become the weak link in your efforts to guard your company against ransomware, malware, and more

Here’s what we suggest for a Hybrid Workforce environment:

• Cybersecurity monitoring and operational management of all devices

• Secure access to workflow and data (network and cloud) for off-site employees

• Help desk support for both on-premises and remote employees

• Business telephony solutions for seamless communication (VoIP)

• Workforce analytics to provide you with visibility into employee work habits and productivity

• Automated, regular, secure data backup

• Business continuity and disaster recovery strategies to guard against the unexpected

• Secure collaboration tools and application integrations to optimize processes

Securing the data used by your hybrid workforce
Microsoft’s Digital Defense Report states that the shift to off-site workflows “created new attack surfaces
for cybercriminals to take advantage of, such as home devices being used for business purposes.”
Here are a few of the high-impact security protocols that we leverage to protect your hybrid workforce:
• Enterprise-class firewall to prevent unauthorized external access to your network
• Secure VPN to help keep you safe on non-company networks
• Data encryption to make your data unusable to criminals
• Endpoint management to secure, update, and monitor devices used offsite
• Identity access management systems to protect credentialed access to network and cloud apps
• Business-class antivirus to combat ransomware, malware, adware, etc.

Our team at ECS Technology Solutions works with forward-thinking business leaders to help them achieve their organizational objectives. We successfully implement, manage, and secure technologies for hybrid workforce teams every day. We can help!

Talk to us about your Hybrid Workforce needs today.

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We at ECS Technology Solutions, understand that there are different needs for every business. We want to make sure that you can maximize the benefits of outsourced IT services and at the same time making sure we tailor fit it to your business.

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