Keep Your Information Safe!

Maintain your ISMS that keep your information safe.

Once your organization has concluded the steps necessary for building the Information Security Management System (ISMS), there is still work to be done! In this article, we detail all the things to continue to do after implementing your ISMS that keep your information safe.

Document, document, document

An ISMS’s policy documents should be supported by procedures that call for official documentation of major work that is done. For IT-heavy organizations, this official documentation is often supported by a ticketing system of some sort, such as ServiceNow or Jira. This also may include documentation such as change request forms, change management documents, system logs, and so on. Maintaining a paper trail adds overhead to the organization, but in the event of a security incident causing a lawsuit, you may very well be glad you documented all the steps you took to ensure your organization’s security.

Regular check-ups

Your ISMS should detail in scope or guiding documents when reviews are to take place for various policies or systems. These reviews are intended to ensure that your ISMS is generating value, and not just adding more steps for personnel to follow with no real benefits, or even worse, the ISMS is too strict in its requirements and personnel take shortcuts or disobey the policy with no repercussions. Finding the right level of touch for security systems to keep your information safe may take a bit of time, trial, and error.

Remember: a system that makes busy work without considering what situations may require review of that work doesn’t necessarily provide a helpful level of security, and a system that is circumvented or ignored provides absolutely no value at all to anybody in the organization and could very well be actively harmful if other organizations or clients expect that it is being followed when it is not.

Generally, an annual review for the ISMS as a whole is beneficial – this may be split into different tasks over the year to ensure that the burden is not too high for a yearly top-down review. These reviews should verify that the ISMS is producing satisfactory results and documentation and that these benefits do not cost too much in user time and productivity to produce.

Getting certified

After you set up your ISMS according to a standard, you may also wish to consider having a professional auditor review your system and verify that it is following the standard sufficiently. Some compliance and governing bodies may require such audits to take place; they generally consist of the auditor reviewing the documentation of the system, any documents or supporting materials that are created as a requirement of the ISMS, and questioning users and management about their involvement in the system and some of their practices when performing day-to-day tasks as they relate to information security.

Once your audit has been passed, it is often very good for your organization’s reputation and marketing to be able to say that you have undergone a third-party audit and been found to be fully compliant with the standards put forth.

If you want to keep your information safe by implementing Information Security Management System (ISMS) on your business. ECS Technology Solution is recognized to have the best practices in information security that are delivered with Honesty, Integrity, and Accountability. Just give us a call so our team can give you more details.

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