Protecting Email Communications

Protecting emails of your business that uses Microsoft 365 ™ email every day. You depend on its outstanding features to communicate with employees, vendors, and customers.

But have you considered the email security that comes with Microsoft 365 email may not be enough?

Our cloud-based email security services help you in protecting email communication of your employees using Microsoft 365 email from cyber threats, such as spam, phishing, adware, malware, and ransomware.

The benefits of advanced email security for Microsoft 365

  • Communicate internally and externally with confidence
  • Provision work-from-anywhere employees with advanced email security
  • Archive emails for easy retrieval and to align with your company’s retention policies
  • Avoid wasting time and losing productivity dealing with avoidable email security issues
  • Gain greater control and transparency over email usage to make smarter decisions
  • One of the outstanding benefits of having granular insight into your overall email use is that you gain powerful information for executive decisions.

Add additional layers of protecting email for your Microsoft 365 users

  • Safeguard Microsoft 365 inboxes with proprietary email filtering technology—a 99.999% accuracy rate
  • Help prevent users from falling victim to email and display name spoofing
  • Reveal users and accounts sending out spam
  • Avoid zero-day attacks with attachment- and macro-blocking management

Preserve and retain your emails in a long-term archive

Regardless of how it happens, emails can get lost. Although Microsoft 365 is a powerful email management platform, there are limitations to Microsoft default data retention policies. 

The way we help protect your important messages and information against accidental or malicious deletion is by providing a reliable way to archive Microsoft 365 emails. 

We provide a long-term email archiving solution that works seamlessly with Microsoft 365 to help ensure the searchable history of email communication.

Help your employees spot and report spam

We give your employees the ability to report messages as “spam” or “not spam” messages from Outlook®, on the web, macOS®, Windows® PC, iOS®, iPadOS®, or Android®, with a Microsoft 365 add-in. 

In addition to reporting spam, our tools allow your employees to release, remove, block, or allow messages, helping you foster a culture of cybersecurity awareness.

Keep IT costs within budget

Protecting email communication is an essential element of any cybersecurity strategy, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive line item in your IT budget. Companies choose to partner with our team for email security because we can provide enterprise-level email protection at a price point that is right for small to mid-size companies. 

There is no need to pay high prices for email security—we can provide strong security protection at an affordable cost to you.

Maintain business productivity

  • Keep email up and running with 24/7 built-in email continuity that allows your employees to continue to receive, compose, and send email in the case of Microsoft 365 outages or downtime
  • Help prevent employees from losing messages or access to important emails with long-term email archiving
  • Retain and recover Microsoft 365 emails with unlimited retention-period capabilities for email archiving
  • Help employees easily pull emails from existing Microsoft environments

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