The 4 Benefits of Remote Support

Remote support is one of many of our managed services. As we discussed in our last blog, managed services can help businesses of all sizes focus on what they specialize in while leaving their IT needs to the professionals. Managed services can incorporate anything from infrastructure and networking to security and compliance to disaster recovery. A complete managed IT plan encompasses all IT services and frees your team to concentrate on other duties. One of the most helpful parts of a managed service plan is the remote support feature. In this blog, we’ll dig a bit deeper into what IT remote support is, why it’s beneficial, and how to choose the best support team for your business.

What is Remote Support?

Remote support is a service that can diagnose, evaluate, and repair computer systems from a location that is not at your actual office. This can include patch installation, device optimization, and regular maintenance. It also acts as a help desk for all users of your system. Instead of someone in your office handling questions or issues from the internal team or from customers/clients using your system, the remote help desk takes care of it.

What are the Benefits of Remote Support?

There are a variety of benefits of using remote support for your company’s IT. Here are the most important:

  1. Availability It’s likely your team doesn’t want to work 24 hours day to be available for questions or to provide solutions for those using your system. It can also be difficult to navigate coverage when your team member handling IT support is on vacation or gets sick. With remote support, you can offer rapid assistance to anyone struggling with your system without having to task your employees with the extra work or limit the hours in which you can offer assistance.
  2. Speed When you work with a professional company like Elkhorn Services to offer remote support, you can offer rapid solutions at any time of day or night because you have an entire team of professionals providing the support services. If you handle your IT support in-house, those who need help could wait hours or days before someone on your staff has time to assist them. This could mean costly downtime or upset customers.
  3. Efficiency Remote support can resolve an average of 90% of IT issues as they have a wide range of expertise to provide workarounds and alternate solutions for issues that can’t be easily solved. It’s likely that your in-house team is not even close to that percentage of success for a number of reasons including lack of time, not enough training, or lack of expertise. This proficiency means your team can stay on track, your system stays up and running, and you can efficiently grow your business and serve your customers.
  4. Increased learning When a remote support representative solves a problem for one of your team members or a customer, they do it through real-time interaction. They show the person they’re helping what they are doing and why, which means they also teach them how they might avoid or solve the problem themselves in the future. This teaching element reduces the number of issues that will be experienced in the future and helps create a more dynamic and informed staff and customer base.

How to Choose a Remote Support Team

Once you decide remote IT service is the right solution for your business, the next step is to choose a professional company that can provide you with the help you need. Here are some features to look for when interviewing managed service providers:

  1. Encrypted communication and remote access tools to keep sensitive information safe and private.
  2. A learning and shared knowledge culture.
  3. A team of qualified experts with an excellent track record.
  4. High level of customer support.
  5. A first call resolution service that solves the problem quickly and with no need for a follow-up.

When interviewing candidates, monitor how well they listen to your needs and respond to questions as this is indicative of the type of services they will provide. At Elkhorn Services, we provide a full list of managed services including remote IT support. Talk to our team of professionals today to see if managed services are right for you! 

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