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What is World Backup Day
What is World Backup Day?
In 2011, a Youngstown State University student named Ismail Juden Jadun wanted to break through the noise and promote his small business that made websites for local companies.

He tried a lot of different things to attract attention and get customers.
Then, he had an idea.
He had been thinking too small all along.
It’s was time to strategize on a global scale. 
What if there was a day to remind people to back up their data every year?
And so, without asking permission of world leaders and policymakers, Ismaiel declared March 31st of each year to be “World Backup Day.”

The idea took off. 

Thousands of people now take the “I will backup” pledge on social media each year. But here’s the question. 

Is your home or business data backed up regularly, automatically, and duplicated to an offsite data center?

World Backup Day is a great time to review your backup protocols with our team.

When YSU biology student Ismail Juden kicked off World Backup Day as a marketing strategy for his website creation business, he chose to emphasize proactive data backups.

Because it’s better to back up your data now, than to wait until after your data has been encrypted by ransomware, stolen, or corrupted. By then, it’s too late.
Best Practices for Business Data Backup

Way back in 2011, Ismail had no idea that his small marketing stunt would become a day recognized worldwide.
But he knew that you have to back up mission-critical business data the day BEFORE a cybercriminal makes life difficult for you by stealing that data. Proactive, automated, offsite backups are the right move.

Don’t wait to back up your data. Get proactive. 

World Backup Day is March 31st.

Contact us today if you want to setup backups for your data or to review your current backup protocols.

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