Your Best Protection Against Ransomware and Lost Work Due to Accidental Deletion

We’re not sure what’s more frustrating—redoing work you forgot to save or being locked out of your critical documents due to ransomware encryption. Let us help you keep access to your mission-critical documents with regular, automated, and verifiable backups.

Running a company also includes ownership of information about the business. Business documents involve information about the services or products offered by the company and data about the buyers of the services and goods.

Aside from financial consequences when there’s lost work due to accidental deletion or ransomware, this can also affect the company’s reliability and trust. In addition to that, it can also affect the business growth opportunities and plans.

Our document backup service finds and backs up critical business documents on workstations, helping protect you from data loss when full workstation system backup is not an option.

Our business IT support plan is easy, automated, and has an affordable way of providing the best protection against ransomware and avoiding losing your important business documents.

Back up all types of business documents and files from

The simple, cost-effective way, and best protection against ransomware (that can cause losing business documents)

Our file-level document backup service enables you to preserve your documents in a secured, compliant, accessible environment within an easily budgeted monthly agreement.

We made the process simple by automatically running the backups twice a day which lessens the need to have one of your employees maintaining it, thus more head focusing on business growth than business IT security.

Key Benefits of having Document Back-Up Service:

  1. Document backups are stored in a private cloud
  2. Unlimited storage space is available
  3. Backups automatically run twice per day.
  4. Backups are verified
  5. Automatic 28-day retention provides you with 56 restore points for recovery.
  6. Your employees can retrieve files from the cloud on their own without needing to call our help desk. However, our help desk technicians are always available to assist if needed

Free Consultation for your Business

Our business IT Services Plan assist any companies from different industry. We tailor-fit our plan based on each business’s unique IT support needs.

With ECS Technology Solutions, you have access to more than just a computer support technician. We have engineers, developers, cybersecurity specialists, VoIP telephone specialists, technology application specialists, and professional partnerships with many others we can help you leverage.

Want to know more about how we can help you with your computer and technology systems? You can reach us via our contact form, thru email, or simply call us and our help desk technician will always be available to assist you.

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