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Assessing and Mitigating Cybersecurity Threats

Have you ever watched someone shoot clay pigeons out of the air? From the moment the target is in motion, the shooter has to compensate for its trajectory as s/he pulls the trigger.

Keeping your business data and workflow safe from cyberthreats is no different. The tactics used by cybercriminals are always evolving and becoming more sophisticated. To maintain IT security, you need to be able to assess your own cybersecurity posture while mitigating the risk from a moving target.

Our team brings enterprise-class tools and years of experience to the process of helping you understand your current protective status as well as the measures you need to undertake to maintain a high level of security.

Cybersecurity Assessments
An IT cybersecurity assessment is comprised of a thorough survey of your entire network and workflow (cloud, mobile, and in-house). To accomplish this survey, our team deploys tools that examine every facet of your IT environment for gaps and anomalies. With the data gathered, we are able to generate reports detailing the security posture of your IT systems.

Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation
Cybersecurity risk mitigation encapsulates the steps our team takes to address gaps in your IT security and lower the risk to your systems and workflow. These steps can include protocols, such as regular backups, enterprise-class antivirus, firewall configuration, and endpoint protection. By continuously maintaining your operational IT using best practice methodology, we can help you stay current with the cyberthreats in the marketplace today.

Proactive Cybersecurity Management

Benjamin Franklin, US ambassador to France, famously said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Sure, he wasn’t talking about computer viruses or ransomware―he was talking about fire prevention―but it all comes down to the same thing, right?

Securing the things we value.

Back in 1736, a business that experienced a fire wasn’t likely to recover.

Today, your company’s chances of surviving a major cybersecurity breach or ransomware attack are much better.


Proactive cybersecurity management.

When your company puts holistic protocols in place that work to thwart the attempts of cybercriminals, you’re putting “an ounce of prevention” into place.

After all, “a pound of cure” could be very costly for your business.

Business leaders who have experienced a serious ransomware attack or data breach understand the price of not getting ahead of cybercrime and are quick to embrace the need for implementing proactive cybersecurity measures in their organization.

Our team of IT protection specialists tailor enterprise-class cybersecurity protocols to build out concentric rings of security around your data and workflow. Then, we maintain and monitor those rings, and are ready to respond to any anomaly that may interfere with your workflow.

Locking IT Down – Our comprehensive approach to securing your data and workflow

In the movies, the old sea captain yells, “Batten down the hatches!”

What does he want his crew to do?

He wants them to lock down any area―the hatches―where water can get through because there’s a storm ahead.

That’s what our team at ECS Technology Solutions does for you. We look for any area cybercriminals could use to gain entry and flood your company’s IT systems with viruses or ransomware, then we deploy the appropriate tools and patches to close those access points. That’s in the importance of cybersecurity.

These actions can make the difference between suffering a catastrophic IT incident, from which your business may not recover, and a smoother sailing experience.

While not every IT attack can be avoided, there are steps your business should take to fortify your defenses.

Our team of IT security specialists partners with companies of all sizes across the spectrum of industries represented in our region. We help them lock down their workflow without losing flexibility and mobile access, and we provide them with the cybersecurity management needed to deter criminals from accessing mission-critical databases.

The five pillars of our comprehensive cybersecurity approach

  • IT-cybersecurity maintenance and management: keeping your systems updated with the latest security patches
  • Cyber awareness training: giving your staff the information they need to work securely online
  • 24/7/365 cybersecurity monitoring: providing for fast identification of threats
  • IT incident response: dealing quickly and appropriately with any security-related anomalies
  • Regular data backup as part of a comprehensive business continuity strategy: keeping your mission-critical data ready for use, regardless of circumstance

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We at ECS Technology Solutions, understand that there are different needs for every business. We want to make sure that you can maximize the benefits of outsourced IT services and at the same time making sure we tailor fit it to your business.

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