Law Firm It Support

We dont just focus on support your firms technology,

but we study best practices and find the necessary tools

to keep your firm up and running!

Even lawyers who, (i) under Model Rule 1.6(c), make “reasonable efforts to prevent the . . . unauthorized disclosure of, or unauthorized access to, information relating to the representation of a client,” (ii) under Model Rule 1.1, stay abreast of changes in technology, and (iii) under Model Rules 5.1 and 5.3, properly supervise other lawyers and third-party electronic-information storage vendors, may suffer a data breach.

                        -American Bar Association, Formal Opinion 483, Pg. 15

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  • Our Law Firm IT Support is designed to keep you working when its most critical for you!
  • Our philosophy is that Time is Money and we want to ensure that all of your time is focused on supporting your clients
  • We also invest our own time into finding new tools to continue to improve the service that you can provide for your clients
  • Migrate your practice to the cloud!
  • Is your law firm IT infrastructure prepare to migrate to the cloud
  • There are so many opportunities for your firm to adopt cloud computing and work from anywhere.
  • Secure your cloud infrastructure and manage user permissions
  • Protect your firm from bad actors and trust ECS to solve your technology challenges.
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