Protect Your Business from Threats in the Era of Remote Work

Business data is increasingly at risk as your employees add more apps, devices, and connections, whether working remotely or at the office. This gives cybercriminals more ways to penetrate your network and access or steal your data. Learn how to protect your business from threats in the era of remote work.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to secure your network & protect your business that detects and blocks the latest threats, even those that slip past antivirus solutions―Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).    

Protect your business, employees, and customers with the Managed EDR solution that blocks threats and gets smarter every single day with artificial intelligence. Get the solution that is effective against ransomware by rolling back Windows® OS devices to their pre-infection state after an attack. Protect your business, while avoiding downtime and ransomware demands. In short, protect your business with Managed EDR.  

Remote Work is Dramatically Increasing Security Risks

This year has most likely challenged your IT team like no other. You’ve been able to go to remote work to get things done in a difficult global environment. But having your employees work remotely comes with a greater risk profile that you have to manage. If you’re concerned about the risks of remote work, you’re right to be.

However, Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) can provide enterprise-grade protection to your employees, wherever they’re working. The security is effective, and the cost is reasonable and scalable with your growth to help protect your business.

Take control of Security with Better Endpoint Protection

This past year has challenged businesses everywhere. Organizations of every size are experiencing an exponential rise in malware attacks. That’s why two in three IT pros say they’re increasing cybersecurity investments this year*. 

If you’d like to step up your security and protect your business, we can help. Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) uses artificial intelligence to analyze and respond to new threat patterns in real time. It searches for changes in behavior, matching step with the latest threats. That means it can block threats your antivirus solution can’t detect.  

As you grow your business, your security needs to keep pace. EDR can strengthen your security for a small monthly cost. You can start today. 

Combat Attackers Automated Password Guessing with EDR

Malware affects business systems every day. In addition to tried-and-true attacks, such as phishing aimed to gain credentials and ransomware aimed at encrypting data, many businesses are experiencing brute force password attacks against their VPNs. 

In a brute force attack, cybercriminals use automated technologies to try to guess your passwords, whether they’re passwords your employees set or ones your IT admins use for network systems. Automating these attacks makes it easier to find a match. If the passwords are simple or reused across systems, attackers have an even easier time of guessing the password. Once they’re in, attackers can then move throughout your systems, snooping and stealing data.  

If a device becomes threatened by a brute-force attack, you’ll want a smart solution in place.  Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) helps prevent these threats by detecting non-standard behavior.   
Get ready to protect your business from brute force, ransomware, and other attacks by adding managed EDR for a small monthly cost. You could start as soon as today.  

It is possible to reverse the effects of Ransomware

It’s not often that we get a do-over when disaster strikes. However, it is absolutely possible to reverse the effects of ransomware. 

While ransomware normally devastates businesses, with proper management, Windows® devices can be rolled back to a pre-infection state almost instantly. While it sounds like magic, it’s possible with Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). 

EDR can protect every device you manage: every desktop, laptop, and server. With EDR you can identify and neutralize threats. If the worst happens, you can roll back Windows devices.  

EDR will pay for itself the first time you isolate a major threat before it affects your network or restore your data. You can start as soon as today to protect your business.  

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